RoboCup: The Regulations for Full Set Small Size Robot League

Last modification on 30 Sept. 1997

Rules is classified into three categories;
  1. the environment
  2. robots and the team
  3. game process
  4. forbidden action of robots

1. definition of environment

The dimension and color of the field is listed here.
  1. Field
  2. Colourings
    Following parts are painted in different colour:
    1. field is green
    2. wall is white
    3. lines drawn on the field is white
    4. markers on corners is green (see the photo above)
    5. ball is red
    6. goals are blue and yellow(see here)
  3. Goals
    The width of the goal is 1500mm and the height is 500mm. Each goal is coloured in one colour (defined in Colouring) and has different colour from the other.
  4. Ball
    A ball for full set small size league is yellow tennis ball.
  5. Wall
    A wall shall be placed all around the field, except in goals. The wall shall be painted in white. The height of the wall shall be 500mm.
  6. Penalty Area
    Penalty area will be created in surrounding the goal of each side. It is 675mm from the goal line, and width of 3000mm. The area is shown by white lines with the width of 35mm.
  7. Lighting
    The light sources will be hung over the field. The brightness of the field will be adjusted between 1,000 and 2,000 lux.

2. definition of the robot and team

  • Robot
    The maximum diameter of a circular robot shall be 15cm, while the maximum length of a rectangular robot shall be 18cm with a with a width of 10cm. These provide for the same size of robot in terms of surface area. This is approximately 1/10 of the length of the shorter end of the field.
  • Team
    A team should consists of no more than 11 robots.
  • Global Vision System / External Distributed Vision System
    The use of a global vision system and an external distributed vision system is permitted, not required, to identify and track the position of robots and balls. The rule explicitly allow the use of multiple cameras for tracking. The use of the global vision system shall be notified at the time of register, and detailed arrangements shall be discussed with the RoboCup organizing committee.

    3. definition of the game process

    1. Length of the game
      The games consits of the first half, break, and the second half. Each half is 10 minutes and break is 10 minutes.
    2. Kick-off/Restart/Stop
      For kick-off, restart, and stop of the game, the umpire will call verbally, or by whistle, and the operator of the team can send signals to robots or relocate by his/her own hands.
    3. Robot positions at kick-off/Restart
      • Kick-off
        All robots shall be in located in their side of the field. Only one robot, which kick the ball, shall be in the center circle. *Restart after the goal The restart after the goal shall adopt the same formation as the kick-off.
      • Free Kick
        not defined, probably same to restart.
      • Penalty Kick
        not defined, probably same to restart.
      • Throw-in
        not defined. open probolem.

    4. forbidden action of robots

    Following actions are forbidden. See small size robots' rule.
    1. Ball Holding
    2. Court Modification
    3. Robot Halting
    4. Charging(attacking other robot)
      refer small size robots' rule 18
    Last modified: Sept 30, 1997