The First International Workshop on RoboCup

in conjunction with RoboCup-97 at IJCAI-97

Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya, Japan

23, August, 1997

The Robot World Cup Initiative (RoboCup) is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem where wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined. The first RoboCup competition will be held at IJCAI-97, Nagoya. In order for a robot team to actually perform a soccer game, various technologies must be incorporated including: design principles of autonomous agents, multi-agent collaboration, strategy acquisition, real-time reasoning, robotics, and sensor-fusion. Contrary to AAAI robot competition, which is tuned for a single heavy-duty slow-moving robot, RoboCup is a task for a team of multiple fast-moving robots under a dynamic environment. Although RoboCup's final target is a world cup with real robots, RoboCup offers a software platform for research on the software aspects of RoboCup. The purpose of the workshop are:
  1. By broadly soliciting papers related to RoboCup, we expect information will be exchanged to facilitate active research in the area.
  2. All participants for RoboCup-97 are required to submit a paper describing their approach. This will be shown as a poster for each team.
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Workshop consists of presentation of selected papers, and ample discussions. Basically, it is divided into two parts:


Technical Paper

Submission is based on a detailed abstract (approx. 1500 words) or a full paper (limited to 5000 words) by March 15, 1997. Submission for this category is considered for ORAL PRESENTATION. Those who do not participate in RoboCup-97 competition itself can submit papers. Of course, submission from those who participate in RoboCup-97 are welcome, too.

Short Paper on Participating Teams

All RoboCup-97 participating teams are requested to submit a short paper describing their robot and simulator teams (max. 4 pages). In the Workshop, papers in this category will be presented as poster session. Deadline is April 1, 1997, and can be submitted with the registration form. In addition to the poster presentation at the workshop, the poster will be presented throughout the competition period at the competition site.

Submission form

For those who can submit electronically, please submit materials in postscript file or in plain, unformatted text to all workshop organizerss. For those who can not submit via e-mail (due to network access problems, photo included, video, etc), send three hard copies (and video tapes) to Hiroaki Kitano. If authors include video tapes with your submission, they must be recorded in VHS-NTSC format. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the workshop committee. Submit Papers to:

Hiroaki Kitano (Chair)
Sony Computer Science Laboratories
3-14-13, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa,
Tokyo, 141 Japan
Phone: (+81) 3-5448-4380
Fax: (+81) 3-5448-4273
Electric submission should be send to all the workshop committee members.

Important Dates:

The Workshop Committee (tentative):