JSAI AI-Symposium 95: Special Session on RoboCup

Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence sponsored the annual symposium on AI. The theme for 1995 symposium was RoboCup. The Symposium was held on Dec. 7th, at Tokyo. (Kikai-Sinkou-Kaikan)

Following papers were presented at the Symposium, and were included in the Proceedings of JSAI AI Symposium-95:

1: RoboCup Hiroaki Kitano (Sony CSL), et al., (a revised version of IJCAI-95 workshop paper).

2: Vision-Based Reinforcement Learning for RoboCup, Minoru Asada (Osaka University)

3: Humanoid Robot Players and their Environemt (in Japanese), Masayuki Inaba (University of Tokyo)

4: Viewing a Soccer Game as a Canonical Problem for Multiagent Research (in Japanese), Eiichi Osawa (Sony CSL)

5: Soccer Server: a simulator of RoboCup Itsuki Noda (Electrotechnical Laboratory: ETL)

RoboCup / Sony CSL / kitano@csl.sony.co.jp