The HyperMask Project



 HyperMask is a system which projects an animated face onto a physical mask, worn by an actor.  As the mask moves within a prescribed area (the stage), its position and orientation are detected by a camera, and the projected image moves with it.  Also, if the orientation of the mask changes, the projected image changes with respect to the viewpoint of the audience. The lips of the projected face are automatically synchronized in real time with the voice of the actor, who also controls the face's expressions.
As a theatrical tool,  HyperMask enables a new style of storytelling, and we plan to demonstrate this style in a short performance. However, the same technology also has applications in offices, schools and theme parks. For example, in the so-called ``Office of the Future'', we would like to be able to project dynamically images and information onto moving, irregularly-shaped objects.

 Technologies in use

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Live demos at Siggraph 1999, Interact 1999 and  Sony CSL.

Photo & Movies album. Soon!

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