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Jun Rekimoto Ph.D.

Please also visit Rekimoto lab's homepage lab.rekimoto.org

port Professor, Interfaculty Initiatives in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan (map)
Director, Interaction Laboratory, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
3-14-13 Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022 Japan (Map)
Co-Founder, Koozyt, Inc.
4-1-8, 4F, Azabu Juban, Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0045 Japan

Phone: +81 3-5448-4380
Fax: +81 3-5448-4273


Recent progress in hardware technology has brought about computers that are small enough to carry or even wear. These new computers, however, preclude traditional user-interface techniques such a graphical user interface (GUI) or desktop metaphor. To overcome these shortfalls, human computer interaction (HCI) technology is rapidly changing, resulting in a transition akin to the switch to GUI in the 80's.

I am interested in designing a new human computer interaction style for highly portable computers, that will be situation-aware and assistance-oriented rather than command oriented. Using this style, a user will be able to interact the real world that is augmented by the computer's synthetic information. The user's situation will be automatically recognized by applying a range of recognition methods, allowing the computer to assist the user without having to be directly instructed by the user. Before the end of the decade, I expect that such computers will be as commonplace as today's Walkmans, electronic hearing aids, eyeglasses, and wristwatches.

(also see the BusinessWeek article on my work)

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Human Computer Interaction, Computer Augmented Environments, Augmented Reality, Mobile & Wearable Computing, Interaction Techniques, Information Visualization, and Virtual Reality

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