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Augment-Able Reality: Annotated Real World

When you go outside for lunch, you find several virtual messages are floating in front of restaurants," Rekimoto's scenario goes. "Some are commercials, but many are messages that were created and attached by previous visitors, giving information and ratings on the restaurant. You select a restaurant by looking at these messages. While you are at lunch, you remember that you will have visitors at noon. You select an icon representing your office in the eyeglass, and attach a voice memo to it...
( "Annotated Reality", HotWired, 20 Oct. 1998)

(Attaching Digital Note to the real world.)

Most existing augmented reality systems only provide a method for browsing information that is situated in the real world context. This paper describes a system that allows users to dynamically attach newly created digital information such as voice notes or photographs to the physical environment, through mobile/wearable computers as well as normal computers. Attached data is stored with contextual tags such as location IDs and object IDs that are obtained by wearable sensors, so the same or other wearable users can notice them when they come to the same context. Similar to the role that Post-it notes play in community messaging, we expect our proposed method to be a fundamental communication platform when mobile/wearable computers become commonplace.


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    Slides PowerPoint (2.3 Mbytes)
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