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InfoPoint: A Direct-Manipulation Device for Inter-Appliance Computing

(with Naohiko Kohtake of Keio University)

infoPoint is a small hand-held device that acts as a "universal commander" for various kinds of information appliances, including VCR decks, TVs, and computers, as well as pysical objects such as printed documents and paper cards. By recognizing affixed IDs (visual markers), InfoPoint alters its functionality according to the object in front of it. The InfoPoint also supports information exchange among these, by extending the concept of direct-manipulations such as "point-and-click" or "drag-and-drop", into the physical space.

  • Naohiko Kohtake, Jun Rekimoto, and Yuichiro Anzai, "InfoPoint: A device that provides a uniform user interface to allow appliances to work together over a network", Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, vol5, no.4, pp.264-274, 2001. PDF
  • Naohiko Khotake, Jun Rekimoto and Yuichiro Anzai, "InfoStick: an interaction device for Inter-Appliance Computing", Workshop on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing (HUC'99), 1999. PDF
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