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JWinTab 1.0

Author: Jun Rekimoto, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

This library is LGPL (lesser GPL) (rekimoto 2005.4.20)

Nov 14, 2000.


This package, called JWintab is a very simple JNI (Java Native Interface) layer to the tablet library called WINTAB. Wintab is a de-fact standard library on Windows and many tablet venders including WACOM support this interface. JWintab is a very simple interface to Wintab (it is essentially one single method) for allowing Java programmer to use WACOM tablets. This package was developed as a part of the ToolStone project at Sony Computer Science Laboratory. We distribute this package as open-source software, without any support or documentation beyond this file and the source code itself.




Copy jwintab.dll Jwintab.class to your directory. Also copy (a test program) and compile & run it.


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