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version 0.1.2
written by Jun Rekimoto


MacWebCam is a CGI application that captures a video and returns it as a JPEG image. This application uses the QuickTime video component, so it works with virtually any video hardware including Connectix's QuickCam and MacAV built-in video digitizers.


  • Macintosh System 7.1 or later
  • QuickTime 1.5 or later
  • Video capturing hardware (Builtin video board of Macintosh AV serieses, Connectix QuickCam, etc.)
  • WWW server software (such as MacHTTP or Peter Lewis's "NetPresenz")
  • Installation

    Since MacWebCam is a CGI, you need to install WWW server if you don't.

    Next, Copy MacWebCam to the same folder you use for other CGI applications. Make sure that video hardware is correctly installed (you can check it with "VideoMonitor").

    Then, you can see a snapshot image by accessing the following URL: http://__your_server_name__/__your_cgi_bin__/MacWebCam.acgi


    from here.


    © 1996 Jun Rekimoto. All rights reserved. This software may be freely redistributed as long as this notice accompanies it.
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