The RoboCup Challenge 97

RoboCup offers a set of short term challenge tasks in order to further promote research activities of RoboCup participants. Although RoboCup envisons longer range challenges which takes few decades to accomplish, there are a set of middle range, as well as short range goals which researchers can measure their accomplishment in 1 - 2 years. Defining a set of tasks and their evaluations, as the RoboCup Challenge, compliments well with the competition based evaluations of proposed architecutre, algorithms, theories, and implementations. While playing games against each other can evalute an overall performance of the team, it does not necessary provide us with a rigid set of evaluation criteria on specific technical issues. Since RoboCup was initiated as a long range research program, not as an entertainment events, the introduction of the scheme which can be a test of scientific and engineering achievements is cirticallly important. Therefore, we will create the RoboCup Challenge Committee to organize the Challenges. As the first set of challenges, we will announce a draft proposal of the tasks, which we proposed to be a set of challenges during the period from 1997 to 1999. Toward the RoboCup-97, we will discuss detailed task definitions and evaluations criteira, and other issues to carry out this challenge. The result of discussions will be announced at the RoboCup-97 / IJCAI-97. A series of RoboCup international and local meetings will be organized during 1997 -1999, and the final assessment of the challenge will be made in Summer 1999. Most likely during IJCAI-99 Stockholm.

Challenge Procedures

In order to facilitate technical progress based on the RoboCup challenge, we offer basic resources and opportunities.

Tentative Schedule

RoboCup Challenge Evaluation Sequence