RoboCup Real Robot League Regulations

The regulations provided in this page constitute official regulations of RoboCup games, administered by The RoboCup Federation. The initial regulations were drafted in 1994. However, several revisions were made from technical and logistical point of view. The basis of the current regulation was drafted in the 1996 version of the RoboCup regulations, and modified for RoboCup-97.

Revision of the Regulation

Revision of the regulation will be made in the following procedure:
  1. Proposal
    Anyone may propose, or request, revision of the rule. The proposal shall be directed to the RoboCup committee. The proposal shall state reasons, needs, or merits of the proposed revision.
  2. Review
    The RoboCup committee will review each proposal and request, and decide whether the proposed revision shall be made.
  3. Draft
    When the proposed revision is concluded to be necessary, the RoboCup committee will discuss with the proposer of the revision to create the draft of the revision.
  4. Open Hearing
    The draft will be announced through the mailing-list as well as the web home page. After two weeks of open hearing period, the revision will be incorporated into the official rule. When opposition and suggestion is made during this period, a new draft will be created reflecting these comments. A new draft will be announced and offered for an open hearing.

III. REgulations for Other Size and Category of Robots

Upon the request, we will define the regulations for robot which do not fit to above regulations.